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Name:  Catalina Herrera Barrientos

Organisation: Corporación Centro de Ciencia y Tecnología de Antioquia, CTA


Environmental Engineer, candidate for the Master’s Degree in Education and Human Development. With experience in the management, formulation and coordination of socio-environmental, educational and participatory strategies, programs and projects, as well as in the articulation of actors in the environmental sector and in the social appropriation of knowledge. She has carried out studies in socio-environmental conflicts and in Green Productivity as a complement to his work in the corporate environmental culture. She has worked in the government of Antioquia and in the Corporación Centro de Ciencia y Tecnología de Antioquia, CTA, (Science and Technology Center of Antioquia) as a project leader. She is currently coordinator of the Environmental Education and Culture area of ​​the Water and Environment Line of this entity.  Catalina’s role in SAFEWATER is to lead the efforts of CTA in relation to the end user engagement and adoption of technologies, and in health impact assessments.