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SAFEWATER is a transdisciplinary research centre working to deliver clean drinking water in underdeveloped areas around the world test

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The Problem

1.8 billion people do not have access to clean drinking water, exposing them to unnecessary illnesses and diseases.

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We want to create solutions using technologies that are effective, low cost, and sustainable.

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Our Focus

We are initially working with rural communities in Colombia and Mexico, aiming to expand our collaborations to other countries and to share our results globally.

Our Goals

Drinking contaminated water is not safe and can lead to illness and death, particularly for children and vulnerable people. Falling sick due to contaminated water has a detrimental effect on the quality of life for families.

Children who fall ill due to dirty water cannot attend school. Adults who fall ill due to dirty water are unable to work. The burden of collecting and purifying water often falls to the females.

Working with the local communities, we aim to develop low cost and sustainable technologies to make water safe to drink and therefore improve overall quality of life for families and communities. Children will be healthier and more able to attend school. Adults will be more able to work, and the burden of water responsibility for females will be reduced.

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