Ulster hosts schools visits as part of NI Science Festival 2019

19th February 2019

On 15th February we had a very successful event where our researchers demonstrated the technologies used as part of the science of Safewater project. Local school children saw at first hand water treatment at different stages of the process to obtain safe water and interacted with their views on whether the water really was safe to drink, without any further treatment.

Joining in were our partner NGO colleagues from Cantaro Azul, Mexico, Mr Armando López and Mr Hector Castelán, at Ulster University on a two-week exchange visit. They showed local school children the work of Safewater including modelling a typical rural dwelling kitchen in Chiapas, Mexico, designed out in a teaching room.

Positive feedback was received from pupils and staff and the Safewater team acknowledge the support provided through the Northern Ireland Science Festival in hosting the event. It certainly proved that for large swathes of the world, clean water is not always as simple as turning on a tap!

Further information available on @GCRF_Safewater/twitter